Keep it simple, keep it Shopify.

The common process for updating your website, POS and accounting software is to enquire into each area separately, of which, collectively amount to higher costs, time consumption & importantly, if something goes wrong, who do you go to?  

Why not make it efficient, simple and integrated?

Shopify is so much more than an eCommerce site, Shopify apps enable you to control your businesses finances, stock and customer service tools.

The advantage of Shopify software as a solution is as it sounds. It is the all-round end to end commerce solution, we're talking about the Shopify POS System. What more could you want? Your business controlled from your online store on a desktop, mobile and tablets at a small fee and no fuss.

When you run a business you devote 100% of your time to making it a success so why settle for systems and software that slow you down? Let Shopify take lead of all jigsaw pieces behind the scene leaving you free to run YOUR business, YOUR way.

Shopify POS supports Apple Pay, Android Pay and credit cards with rates as low as 1.5% + 0p, debit card = FREE !

Let Shopify POS track and manage your stock, apply discounts, email or text your customers with their receipt in a simple click and process refunds.