Thank Frenchie it's Friday!

Today has been a fun day at Cloud Impact HQ. The sun is out which means Bert our favourite French Bulldog employee has dropped by to spend the day with us.

With the full team in the office this week we've had lots of fun whilst working hard all at the same time.

A major thing we are finding at the moment is a number of Merchants who are currently on Magento who are finding that there is now a requirement to move onto their new platform v2.0. This new platform means that any Magento users will have to completely rebuild their current site which means investing time and money and as such these business owners are now looking for a cost effective, scaleable and robust alternative.

This is where Shopify comes into its own............ 

Shopify have just announced that they are adding eBay as a sales channel, which is a little spooky as we got an exciting enquiry from the Shopify Expert portal about integration of Shopify and eBay. Awesome!

We are continuously growing as a team with people of different expertise all coming together with Shopify to create a great team of experts. This has been a busy week and we've nearly finished more projects that will go live after we've communicated with suppliers, designers, photographers. It all feels very real and exciting!